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 Guild Goals Checklist

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High Council

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PostSubject: Guild Goals Checklist   Sat May 09, 2015 10:56 pm

Goals will be added here periodically. Goals in green are Complete while goals in red are Incomplete. Goals in orange are In Progress.

General Goals

Reach 30 Members
Create a Guild Stronghold
Reach 50 Members
Reach 70 Members
Reach 10% XP and Reputation Boost

Reach 100 Members
Reach 150 Members
Create a Guild Flagship
Run Guild FPs and Ops
Run Guild PvP
Have an RP event

Stronghold Specific Goals

Expand to stairway 1
Expand to Garage 750K
Expand to stairway 2
Expand to Balcony 3M
Expand to Living Quarters
Expand to Living Quarters Room 1
Expand to Living Quarters Room 2
Expand to Living Quarters Room 3
120k Each
Acquire Guild Bank
Acquire Cargo Access
Acquire Mail Box
Acquire GTN terminals
Acquire Appearance Terminal
Acquire Legacy Stronghold Storage
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Guild Goals Checklist
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