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 Character Sheet

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PostSubject: Character Sheet   Mon May 11, 2015 8:46 am

Name: Takta Starwraith

Class: Jedi Sage

Race: Twi'lek (soon to be Togruta once released)

Homeworld: Shili (Togruta homeworld, regardless)

Special Attributes: Besides powerful Force ability, Takta is a Togruta, which means his large, hollow horns can sense ultrasonic waves, making him quite attuned to the world around him.

Main Affiliation: Jedi Order, specifically Jedi Council, and SIS

Alignment: Lightside with hints of grey later in his life

Skill Tree: Telekinesis

Interests: Force alchemy

Crew Skills: Biochem, bioanalysis, and diplomacy.

Greatest Strength: His desire to learn new information.

Greatest Weakness: He has too much pride in the Jedi Order and the Republic. He is blind to the corruption and will be betrayed by it.

Backstory: Born on Shili to a rather powerful Togruta clan known for its physical prowess against the deadly beasts of their forested world. The cooperation and leadership he learned in his youth propelled him to a unique position once the Jedi Master, Gnost-Dural. The Kel Dor master of the Jedi Archives sensed right away that young Takta would be important to the Force. On Tython, he became the star pupil and became Yuon Par's padawan. It did not take long for Takta to master the Force and Jedi Trials. Soon enough, he was Barsen'thor, protector of the Order. His long journey across the galaxy stopping a Sith apparition's plan to use a twisted form of mind-control lead to Takta becoming stronger in the Force. Later in his training, Takta found himself drawn to the Green Jedi of Corellia, where he learned more about the weak bond that actually exists between the Jedi and the Republic. This progressed Takta into the Grey Side of the Force in a lot of ways.

After learning more about the Force from various Force users across the galaxy on worlds like Alderaan, Taris, Balmorra, Voss, Quesh, he took on a padawan named Nadia Grell. Their relationship was never more than platonic, despite Nadia's love for her master. In terms of Takta's views on love amongst the Order, he did not believe he could ever fall to its grip until he met Theron Shan, son of the Grand Master. Together Shan and Takta worked within SIS, often crossing paths and sharing moments together. Their relationship was operated in secret. Even Nadia did not know about their relationship. After the rise of the fallen Sith Emperor, Takta's role in SIS was to bring exo-technology to the Republic and Jedi, a role Takta was proud to fill.

Future Plans: Plagued by Force visions of the far-future war between the Separatists and the Republic (a.k.a. Clone Wars), Takta finds himself ambitiously adventuring beyond the known star charts in search of exo-technology and knowledge of the Force from local, unconnected races on foreign worlds. He will face dangers outside the galaxy as he nears the "end" of this galaxy. With this knowledge, Takta will bring lost knowledge back to the Jedi and begin the long preparation to save the galaxy from the future Galactic Empire. The Sith must fall, and Takta plans to be on the front lines ending their bloody reign. His diplomatic abilities will weaken during this harsh time, and Takta will become unbalanced for a time. He regains his Force equilibrium and powerful affinity while in exile on Voss.
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Character Sheet
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